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Who are the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation?

The UK Veteran Hearing Foundation is a Charity that sprung to life in March of 2020 with the sole goal and purpose to improve the lives of thousands of veterans that are in dire need of hearing aids. This then started to branch off into Tinnitus support and consequently mental health support; isolation and loneliness is a very common problem for Veterans that are hard of hearing and we believe no-one should have to suffer in silence.

The Shop is Born

Alongside getting multiple grants that have allowed us to fit at least a dozen Veterans since our Charity began in 2020, we have also explored many alternative fundraising avenues – Amazon Smile, connecting with companies that allow donations to our charity and applications that allow people to donate as a birthday gift.

After our humble beginnings trying to raise money through selling products via Facebook Marketplace, Depop and Schpok it is now time to make our own mark. This website features our best dresses, suits, and eveningwear in order to try and attract people who want vintage, preloved clothes for a cheap price and a good cause!

A group of volunteers have been supporting our main team in gathering clothes, cleaning them, setting up a photoshoot and post processing to be displayed for the world to see.

With the recent addition of wedding dresses we hope to become the vintage and evening wear website of choice for people of all sizes and ages!

Preloved, Recycled, Charitable

All of the products listed on our website have been donated.

They are all one-of-a-kind!

This means that the quality can range from pre-loved worn, to worn once, to brand new. Any kind of damage on these clothes will be outlined and documented so that you are fully aware of the product’s faults if there are any.

We accept all sorts of brands meaning that once in a while we could get pieces from high street, prestige and designer brands.

We ensure that all of our clothes are steamed and go through sterilisation procedures before putting them onto our website. This includes a 72 hour “quarantine” period where clothes that have been sterilised will rest away from stock that is on the website and ready to be shipped to their new homes.

So why not buy something for yourself, and a great cause!

Our Work

Over the past 5 years we have helped many Veterans and their families enjoy going back to a new normal way of life where communication is easier, the TV sounds clearer and problems caused by close range shooting or loud engines finally feel manageable.

Our youngest fitted Veteran has been 26 and our oldest has been 94, it shows just how many different walks of life we are able to touch through a well-established pathway system that connects audiologists to those that need help.

The initial step requires a call for help, the Veterans that have gotten in touch with us largely came from tight knit communities of people who we were able to find via military shows and events. The next step is to get our Veterans in for a hearing test and to compile their medical history, for it then to be down to the audiologist to recommend the best hearing aid fit.

The next step is to organise funding via the grants we’ve received, money we have fundraised or using the money we have gained from our fabulous clothing sales.

Lastly, the Veteran goes for their fitting appointment and their new hearing aids are adjusted to their needs, any additional equipment needed for their everday life is also purchased. Then to finish it off any funds left over are funnelled into our Tinnitus support or mental health support pathways for the Veteran if they need it. Otherwise it is used for other Veterans to try and maximise the use of our funding in the most efficient way. Our success stories can be found at – https://www.veteranshearing.org.uk/category/success-stories/

These are documentaries and accounts of how the work we do benefits the lives of our Veterans, from start to finish and further beyond.

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Our UK Veterans Hearing Foundation Shop is regularly active on social media, with new arrivals being posted and highlighted never miss the very best of our donated stock!

Exemplary donations such as wedding dresses and designer clothes will be the main highlights of our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Join us for regular voucher giveaways and vintage treasures!