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Donate clothes today

Found yourself with piles of unwanted clothes? Why not find them a new home? Support UK veterans far and wide by sending them to us! It’s completely free to send and is a very simple process. Start now, donate clothes today!

What we’re looking for and how it works

Any clothing in good condition! This includes both male, female and unisex pieces. Branded or unbranded we’re not fussed. Dresses, suits, vintage wear and hats, we want them all!

Fill out a donation form, found HERE. This is a very straightforward process which will grant you a freepost label, via e-mail. Once received, simply print out the freepost label, enclose your items in a suitable package, such as a box, and attach your label. Then send it over to us! When we receive the items, they will be cleaned and photographed, ready to go up on the online shop!

How this benefits veterans

When items are sold, the proceeds go towards supporting a veteran’s hearing and if needed, fully or partially funded hearing aids will be given to the veteran. This will be after a range of tests are performed by a qualified audiologist, by donating clothes, you will have an impact on this process. You will be helping fund these tests and equipment for our heroes.

ALL of the proceeds go towards supporting veterans, as we are a non profit foundation.

Don’t stop with us!

There are plenty of other charities that need your support with whatever you’re willing to donate. Charities willing to accept a wide range of things. The Trussell Trust, who accepts unwanted food, is a great example of this. They put donated food into parcels and sends them to food banks for people locked into poverty. Looking to donate electrical items and furniture? The Work Link Project will pick them up free of charge and pass them on to underprivileged individuals and families. 

Why not check out our items?

Why not check out our items yourself? There is plenty to choose from and we ensure that there’s something for everyone! 100% of the proceeds goes to supporting our UK veterans in need. 

Want to help in other ways?

If you want to help, but want go the extra mile, why not volunteer with us? With many roles available such as digital media volunteer, outreach volunteer and laundry assistant volunteer.