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Fashion Filled with Military Memories…

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Travelling back in time over 15 years ago, these dresses have an incredible history packed full of memories!

We have been lucky to of had this generous donation of ladies gowns from a kind gentleman, Keith Oakes, when he and his wife Amanda were in the Army. Each dress has its own story & holds magical moments from their life in the military together…

“Just getting them out and packing them brought back wonderful memories of the countries we were stationed, the people we met, the functions attended, the shenanigans had 😊😊 and the memories we made – wonderful and beautiful times.” Keith Oakes.

They are now ready to be loved again to create more memories to hold!

These two dresses were hand made by Amanda herself when finances were tight. With impressive design, she created beautiful pieces that she wore to events and has memories to treasure.


You can imagine the wonderful feeling these dresses must of brought to Amanda.

The salmon pink gown and the blue gown above, were the first dresses that Amanda wore when they were first stationed. These were the dresses that started the many joyous times they had, and the many memories made that are now lovingly reminisced.

When Keith was promoted, he gifted Amanda with tailor made dresses from Germany & Thailand. The following 4 dresses were beautifully made during their time in Germany:


Gorgeous pink gown with off the shoulder bow design neckline. Complimented with a bow across the lower back to pull in that waistline, enhancing the silhouette.

This dress is definitely a statement with the wow factor!



A neutral cream gown, with a floor length tea style of dress.

Enhancing the chest, it has a plunge wrap style neckline that joins to the flattering waistband, creating that gorgeous hourglass figure.

The frill detail in the skirt of the dress adds that extra flare to the design.



A classic black dress – you can’t go wrong!

Featuring the drop waist sitting just at the top of the hips, this gown creates the illusion of a lengthened torso, enhancing the silhouette.

There’s also diamante embellishments detailed across the chest, matching the shoulder straps, adding that sparkle when the light hits.



The final dress to be made in Germany was this stunning red cocktail gown.

Just look at how beautiful this piece is, from the intricate detailing to the striking frills on the shoulder straps, complimented with the sweetheart neckline.

The alluring layered skirt definitely gives off those salsa dress vibes… Ole!


These gorgeous vintage gowns are dresses frozen in time, they hold so much history and you can feel it when you look at them.

Moving onto the striking red and yellow ballgowns below, these dresses were tailor made for Amanda in Thailand, as gifts from Keith. Being one of a kind dresses, they are made from 100% Thai silk, soft to the touch.

From the gorgeous lace detailing and sweetheart neckline on the red dress, to the intricate ruched design and feature flower on the yellow dress, these gowns are glorious, perfect to stand out & show off!

They are looking for new owners, to be loved again.

We are truly grateful and thankful to Keith & Amanda for donating these precious gowns, each telling their own story. The variety of different dresses we have been gifted is amazing. All these vintage gowns are honestly some of the most gorgeous gowns created from over 15+ years ago, we are impressed and in awe!


“I hope that someone finds use of these and they go on to attend many a function, have as much fun as we did and creates as many happy memories as we did.

Regards and best wishes Keith & Mandy”

All of these gowns are up on our shop now for you to browse…