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Welcome to our newly launched online Veterans Hearing Foundation shop, in aid of supporting Veterans with their hearing, tinnitus, and mental health. Our preloved clothing shop features all things from event wear to evening gowns, suits to wedding and prom dresses to hats!

All money raised will be going to a fantastic cause and will change lives for many veterans with hearing problems. After 4 years of supporting veterans and generating funds in many different ways, we have now taken the next step in sourcing our own funding to enable ongoing support for UK Veterans.

Your donations help towards fitting veterans with top of the range hearing technology, alongside tinnitus and mental health support.

Serving in different branches of the armed forces, all these Veterans alongside many others have been fitted with top of the range hearing technology after their journey with us. They have all got an incredible story to tell about their time in service, which impacted their hearing.

Our Veterans are based all around the world, serviced through a network of audiologists that help us support our Veterans along the way.

The audiologist will carry out a hearing assessment, recommending the hearing technology required, the fitting of the hearing aids, as well as providing an aftercare service.

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