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Looking Fashionable On A Budget

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Fashion trends come and go so don’t waste your money buying new trendy pieces, instead grab some beautiful preloved clothes from our shop and make them your own.









Tips to save money and still look your best:

Altering – Alter your items to fit your preference. If there are items that you love in a sale, grab them and have them tailored to fit. As a charity shop, we only have one-off items, however do not hesitate to buy them and then get them altered for that perfect fit.

Revamping – Add your own creative flair! Find prints and patterns, cut clothes up and completely restyle – or just experiment and remember there are no rules and no limits!

Charity Shops – Charity shops are a great way to bring the joy of buying a new outfit for the fraction of the price and knowing the value of your purchase will go to a good cause.

Vintage – Vintage clothing is definitely in right now! When you wear vintage you won’t have to worry about others wearing the same. Vintage pieces are some of the most unique you will find. Shopping for preloved vintage clothes means your money goes further and by buying secondhand, less impact on the environment.


Why shop preloved?







  1. Shopping second hand will always be more sustainable than any other option even if you are buying new from a more sustainable clothing company.
  2. To produce new cotton clothes takes a very large amount of water and energy, even to just create one t-shirt.
  3. Buying preloved clothing helps to reduce the demand to make such large quantities of new clothing, helping to stop the wastage of items.
  4. When you support large unethical companies, where focus is very much on producing items at the lowest possible price, someone somewhere else is paying for that price. Workers in factories all over the world are treated unfairly every day and are getting paid the bare minimum so we can wear fast fashion at a cheaper cost.

Buying from large unethical companies is also so damaging for our environment which effects everyone and everything. Consider these stats:

  • The fashion industry uses 93 million cubic meters of water (equal to water consumption for 5 million people) every year.
  • 20% of waste water is from the fashion industry.
  • The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all green house gasses.

So next time you want to treat yourself to a new outfit or a nice pair of shoes, head over to the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation charity shop and get what you need here. When you shop at UKVHF you help to support those who have put themselves out there fighting for our country get access to first class hearing assessments, hearing aids/equipment along with our aftercare service.