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Suits Galore… Our New Range

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“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” – Miuccia Prada

Every man deserves to a quality suit!

For a fancy event you have coming up, a wedding to attend, or a business meeting, you want to be the sharpest among them all.

Well, we have a whole new range of incredible suits that have been donated to us from a company called Slater Menswear, and are brand new, never been worn! Here at UK Veterans Hearing Foundation, we are very grateful for the generosity & to be working with them.

We wanted to give you all a few tasters of what we have coming your way!

Each suit comes as a two-piece, however, all jackets and trousers can be sold separately on request, just pop us a message or give us a call.


   (Click on the pictures to view)

This single breasted navy tone suit is featured with wide notch lapels, and high gorges to give the appearance of a longer torso.

Complimented with 3 buttons, there are also 2 slanted pocket flaps and a chest pocket.

The matching trousers pulls the suit together nicely, giving an overall smart attire!


 Charlton Gray

    (Click on the pictures to view)

We love the unique beige tone of this two-piece, single breasted suit from Charlton Gray. The gorges in the wide lapels sit slightly lower than the suit above, and also features 3 buttons.

The flap pockets are slightly slanted, combined with the chest pocket.

With the trousers to match, this definitely adds flare!


  Travel Master

   (Click on the pictures to view)

This navy striped Travel Master suit screams suavity!

It has wide notch lapels with gorges that sit slightly lower than shoulder height. Combined with straight flap pockets and 2 buttons, it’s perfect for a fancy event to attend.

Just picture heads being turned when you walk into a room in this two piece. The matching trousers certainly adds a sense of formality, whilst keeping a sleek vibe!


 Daniel Hechter

    (Click on the pictures to view)

This black French designer suit will have you being the best dressed wherever you go, smart & crisp.

With the slanted flap pockets and wide lapels, its perfect for everyday wear!

There’s also the 2 front seams to add subtle shape to the jacket, giving a more fitted look. Again, the trousers to match just completes the overall look.


  James Barry

   (Click on the pictures to view)

Onto our final sneak peak of suits… this dark grey James Barry two piece is luxury & suitable for most events/occasions!

The notch lapels are longer in length, with the gorges sitting mid chest level, perfect for a tall frame. This suit also has the 2 front seams to add shaping around the torso, combined with 3 seams on the back to follow the curve of the spine. Completed with flap pockets & 2 buttons.


All these suits speak volumes in luxury and quality, & we love it!

We couldn’t be more grateful for all the wonderful clothing that we have collected through donations, giving them a new home to be re-loved, and helping to support our veterans!

Our inventory is continuously growing, so we are always updating our range with new styles, so keep an eye out.

Don’t miss out, check out our Gentleman’s Range on our website now…

If you have clothes that are in good condition and no longer wear, and you’d like to donate to us, please have a look here on our website to find out how.

The UKVHF team