A coat is more than just an outfit, it’s an attitude…

It’s that time of year where our clothing begins to transition from light & airy, to dark & thicker. PLUS, the layers are back!!!

Coats & jackets are a big statement piece of attire at this time of year, so of course we want a nice variety in our wardrobes. They have the power to tie your outfit together, taking you from a fashion score of 5, to a solid 10! Bring on the neutral & blue tones, with different textures/patterns for this Autumn/Winter 2024.

Fortunately, we have had donations of new & pre-owned mens coats/jackets sent in to us, waiting to be styled. Take a look through our range and splash out on a statement piece for your wardrobe…

“I like cool jackets – a nice fall or winter coat. You can get a lot of use out of it, and you’ll wear it frequently, so it can really set the tone of your uniform for the season.” — John Legend